Let’s talk about “The Next Chapter..” 🌿


Hi Everyone!

I hope this finds you well. It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog post, instead, I’ve been exploring a new chapter of Mother Nature Recovery.

During my  childhood years, my grandparents became beacons of solace in an otherwise chaotic environment. Unlike most traditional couples, my Nan worked shifts in a factory whilst my Bamps stayed at home, doing all the usual “housewife” chores, including visiting his mother-in-law while Nan was at work. Sunday was my day to visit them, however this would often lead to longer stays, especially during the school holidays.

During the holidays, I would take the role as my Bamps’ little apprentice with pride, drinking in every life skill he taught me. My Bamps mother-in-law or  “Crazy Nan” to me, (a nickname she adopted after many wild tales), lived on an elderly assisted living complex. This ultimately meant that if we were doing a shop run for Crazy Nan, we were doing a shop run for the whole of the Grange. At this point, Bamps hadn’t learnt to drive, so he cycled. A bicycle turned out to be one of the most hazardous pieces of apparatus that I was ever given, so that was out the window. Back to the ol’ faithful, walking.

As you can imagine, the monotonous back and forth (there’s only so many pints of milk and packets of biscuits 1.5 people can carry) quickly lost its novelty.  To keep me entertained and to stop me looking at how far we still had to go, Bamps invented what would now be described as a “diversionary activity”, I would walk, looking at the floor, scanning the pavements for the ultimate “prize” in this new “game”, loose change. (This also made me top dog poop dodger!)

Fast forward 20 something years and this is still something I do, on all sorts of walks! I’ll often see a name that was etched into wet cement, a funky looking plant or, the most recent find, river-tumbled glass.

One of our forages! PictureCredit – Annalese Maz

During one of my daily nature walks with my trusted person and dogs along the banks of the River Taff, whilst picking up a rock to throw for Dixie, I came across a chunk of glass. Unlike modern glass, this was thick and when washed became clear that it had endured some serious river-tumbling, the usual traits of broken glass no longer present, the edges were completely smooth. As I rolled it around in my hand, I scanned the surrounding area, find more and more pieces of these gems from our modern past.

I have found an array of colours, shapes and patterns but, the most common pieces seem to be glass bottle shards, undoubtedly widely used for alcohol transportation and consumption. How ironic that I am now finding  inspiration in something that can be related to a substance that is detrimental to my wellbeing?

With that, I am over the moon to announce that I’ll be releasing a new river – tumbled product under the MNR branch on October 7th 2021.

Keeping with the theme, there is a competition on Mother Nature Recovery Facebook page alongside “Go Sober October”, with a chance to win one of MNR’s new products! Competition dates – 1/10/2021 – 31/10/2021. Name Draw – 01/11/2021!




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